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Data-Centric way of digitizing and managing data through AI-enabled tools is the next big thing in the technology industry.

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Democratizing Datasets to Reduce the Bias in IT Systems

AI bias in IT systems is no secret and that can be reduced by leveraging and validating larger samples of training data. The quality of the data fed into AI algorithms has a direct impact on the accuracy of the results and sustainability of the IT Systems that rely on the AI models.


Datatera is a marketplace with the aim of connecting Data Providers and Data Consumers by providing a secure, trustworthy and seamless digital platform experience to make larger samples of real-world high-quality datasets 
available to reduce the biases in AI models.

By leveraging the "Compute-To-Data" blockchain technology, the data will stay on-premise with the Data Providers and the Data Consumers will be able to run "Compute Jobs" on the data to train their AI models. Rather than having the data sent to where the algorithm runs, the algorithm runs where the data is which differentiates Datatera as a Trust-builder in computing the data to train AI models while preserving privacy.

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Data Provider

Monetize your datasets without compromising data privacy and contribute to reducing the AI bias which will lead to more sustainability in IT systems based on high-quality AI models.

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Data Consumer

Train your AI models with the algorithm you choose by running "Compute Jobs" on real-world datasets and contribute to building more stable IT Systems based on unbiased AI models.



The idea behind Compute-to-Data is to let the data stay on-premise while Datatera runs specific compute jobs on data to get useful analytics results like averaging or building an AI model. The analytics results help in science, technology, or business contexts; yet the compute is sufficiently “aggregating” or “anonymizing” that the privacy risk is minimized. 

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Pitch Deck

Click below to get access to our pitch deck. Do not hesitate to drop us a message to let us know your thoughts. We would highly appreciate any feedback provided to us.

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Tugce Ozdeger

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Tugce is a passionate Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience as a .NET Developer in Sweden. She holds a Master's in Computer Science from Uppsala University. She has spoken at different Tech Conferences, and she has been featured in digital publications of different kinds as an Entrepreneur, a female Software Engineer, and also as a Career Mentor for Women in Tech.

Tugce started her tech career at the age of 25 by delivering a piece of software to shorten the route for a Swedish fighter jet by leveraging AI algorithms so it was no coincidence that she has founded Datatera to provide a digital marketplace to support IT systems to be based on more accurate AI models.

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Kate Nwankwo 

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

A data scientist with a passion for using Artificial intelligence-powered technology to solve business problems. Currently a data scientist and AI fellow with Women Techsters and in the past worked with fhi360 an international NGO that provided health care services.

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Pranav Kumar

Lead Developer

A Cloud Architect, DevOps & back-end software engineer with 6+ years of experience. He focuses on designing & building complex products with his passion for solving challenging problems that others find difficult to solve. In past, he has built many successful applications based on Node.JS, React.JS, graphQL, MongoDB, and AWS.

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